Privacy Activism


Networked: Carabella On the Run (2009)

Preserving your privacy on Facebook:
Use privacy settings for more control over who has access to what information about you in a social network; it’s important to know who your friends are online. [#3, #13]. Be aware of viral marketing campaigns and how they persuade you to part with personal information. [#10]

How companies track you online:
The more information a company can learn online about you and your preferences, the better it can market directly to YOU. Many businesses secretly collect information about your online behavior to use—or sell to others to use—to target you. [#11, #12]

Finding anonymity online:
Is it possible to hide in a networked world even if you want to? [#23]

Carabella Goes To College (2003)

Carabella Goes To College

Click here to play the “Carabella Goes To College” Flash game!

This game is about privacy. As you play through the game with Carabella, you will learn about everyday things you do that erode your privacy. You will also find information about ways to protect yourself against privacy invasions such as identity theft and consumer profiling.

Like most new college students, Carabella will spend the week before the start of classes doing routine tasks that we take for granted: opening a bank account, receiving new checks, using a credit card, and shopping at a grocery store that has a “club card”. She will learn how such simple activities can have major consequences for her privacy.

How to Play

Make your selections based on what you would choose for yourself. Read the Privacy Tips and Get Wise as you play to find out more. The highest score you can get is 100; the lowest is -100. How did you do?

“Winning” means helping Carabella preserve the privacy of her personal information and still enjoy being a member of the community.

Play the game again and make choices based what is most convenient, or what you’ve learned so far, or what you’d do if you were really paranoid. Use the Back button to investigate tradeoffs – how does your score change if you make different choices?

Special Thanks

Carabella Goes To College was made possible by generous grants from the Amazon Alexa Internet cy pres fund and the Rose Foundation’s Consumer Privacy Rights Fund. Carabella also thanks the creative team and volunteers for giving her such an interesting life, and also thanks the Shidler Center for Law, Commerce, and Technology at the University of Washington for placing two such accomplished law students as PrivacyActivism interns!

– The Quest For Tunes (2002)

Carabella - The Quest For Tunes

Click here to play the “Carabella – The Quest For Tunes” Flash game!

Carabella is a modern girl. She’s hip. She’s wired. And she loves music. Join Carabella as she explores the vast world of online music. But be wary! As Carabella surfs, her privacy is in peril, and her ability to use and enjoy the music she has bought is in danger!

This interactive video game highlights the ways that consumers’ privacy and fair use rights are being whittled away by digital rights management technologies, online spyware and data profiling services.

You will experience and learn about:

  • being tracked and monitored online and how to surf anonymously to avoid these privacy perils
  • how the record industry’s use of copy-prevention technology is restricting how you can listen to music you buy, and what you can do about this privacy and fair use issues with peer-to-peer networks and online
  • subscription services copyright and the current threats to fair use of digital music