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Luo glass surfaced on Qiao Lian crimson touch of shallow, dust, animal husbandry, she had heard some of the things spoken lingxi, naturally also knew that her mouth static aunt, is animal husbandry should dust Niangqin. "North Cang door? Or, I also want to see what exactly what a good place terrible, you dare, dare I naturally want my second child when the years, you have not that common people sink capability! Also, how to say can not just let that guy a person, animal husbandry and dust Shuawei Feng spirit hospital in the contest, right? " Shen common people stood up, bold laugh. cheap jerseys nfl supply Both were falling on top of the mountain, this dust immediately on injured animal husbandry, is a blood erupted, he looked at the side open eyes, white Xuan mouth mad blood flow, which trembling, very pernicious stare him, vague and hoarse voice, a little bit coming out. That ice blue eagle, whole body armor as if covered with ice, a chill comes out, as if even the air are to be frozen down. Dust, animal husbandry Quanfeng directly with Enron regret front hard together, the shock wave swept through an open, two feet of earth, actually are broken off at this point jump.

Dust, animal husbandry, eyes still not the slightest fluctuations, that the fourth channel flowers will die if India brought up round after round of ripples like black light, boom burst of air, and then in a very aggressive posture, heavy bombardment in the arms of Dan Jingtian on. Animal husbandry and dust from the air and Luo falling glass, he too pale eyes swept the president, then stopped at the line of sight is Weizheng dean side, where there is a man dressed in a white dress, cold temperament slim beautiful woman, It brook. Direct life and life was actually explode, destroy almost swept off like volatility, and also against the College shrouded beneath away. If not you touch the dragon magic mark, we can not come projection, just today, with the power of this great magic Sumeru column would you give all beheaded!" A fierce and brutal overbearing filled with laughter since Tarrasque Outgoing body.

"This little guy. Bloodwoven surfaced in their face, strange and terrible, like a bloodthirsty Shura. Therefore we can say, in this event, representing the highest standard of mainland North Cang younger generation of confrontation. cheap jerseys nfl However, dust, animal husbandry, but it is not ignored his emotions, he let the blood dripping on the body, that scarlet staring white eye pupil Xuan, then tongue licked the blood of mouth, the smile on the face of it, all the more ferocious and bloodthirsty. cheap jerseys nfl free shipping These liquid-like spiritual power, a little bit of magic in front of a large column of penetration Sumeru away, and as their penetration, dust, animal husbandry, it is seen, on the big magic COLUMN Sumeru, even It is with some of the dull deep black mans emerge, from afar, it seems to be an entrenched patterns of dragon magic! Obviously, this should be said is too Cang Long dean magic mark! "Wipe to get rid of him!" Too pale cold eyes looked at Dean like a living thing like that dragon magic mark, shouted.