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Day of Action Monday, June 17: Tell the TSA to End Nude Body Scanners

Since November, 2010, when the TSA rolled out its Nude Body Scanners nationwide, we’ve seen countless news articles, blog posts, and youtube videos showing TSA agents abusing and humiliating passengers in the name of ‘security’. Thefts from passenger’s carry-on bags have increased as passengers are separated from their belongings while in the body scanners.

The time has come to put a stop to these abusive practices.  In late March, 2013, a court-mandated comment period opened up. The purpose is to give us, the public, a voice, letting the TSA know how we feel about their screening practices.

Please consider taking part in the Day of Action this upcoming Monday, on June 17th by sending your own comments to the TSA. Spread the word, we need all the comments we can get!

For more information see the detailed Day of Action post on Liminal States, EPIC’s TSA Comments page, and To send in a comment, go to

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  1. DeborahNo Gravatar Says:

    You can also file comments via mail or FAX. Make sure to include the docket number TSA-2013-0004.

    FAX: (202) 493-2251


    Docket Management Facility
    U.S. Department of Transportation
    1200 New Jersey Avenue SE
    West Building Ground Floor, Room W12-140
    Washington, DC 20590-0001

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